Hi, I’m Spencer Mallen. Computers, photography, and travelling on my motorcycle are my passion.

After many years working unfulling and uninteresting jobs, I decided to start over. Right back to the beginning where I should have been from the start. I went back to college with the intention of becoming an IT Professional. While in college I worked part time as an onsite support technician. Working on behalf of one of my instructors, learning and building experience directly related to my studies.

Computers aren’t new to me though, I’ve been informally providing IT support and services for much of my life. Even as a young teenager I was helping friends, family, friends of family, friends of friends, learn how to better utilize and understand their computers, repairing and replacing hardware, as well as helping them choose the device(s) best suited to them. At nearly every job I’ve ever had I’ve also provided informal IT support for my co-workers, or provided valued input on technical issues to IT staff helping to simplify their job. All while of course doing my own job!

In addition to that, I’ve constantly been experimenting and learning new technologies and how to implement them, with a special interest in security. Between managing complex passwords and two-factor authentication, to ensuring my data is encrypted at rest as well as in transit through tools like BitLocker and VPNs, to securing my computers, servers, and websites to the best of my ability and research. I spend a lot of time thinking and learning about security and how it affects everything and everyone.

It is my intention and hope that with my career as an IT professional I’ll be able to continue my focus on security through system and network administration with the aim in the future of working in and designing data centres.

Through my career I also hope to be able to continue travelling on my motorcycle, across Canada and the United States. And if all goes well ship it to Europe and ride across it too!

I can be contacted at spencer [at] mallen [dot] io.